With a higher success rate and compliance rate than court-imposed judgments, mediation facilitates highly effective conflict resolution and dispute-ending agreements through a neutral, unbiased third party.

Meeting on neutral ground, each party involved in a business, civil or family dispute is guided through several sessions where information sharing and resolutions to underlying problems are experienced. Each mediation session, regardless of the type, often includes aspects of each of the following:

The transparent sharing of information

Presenting their unique view of the situation, and their future goals and expectations, each party states their specific needs and desires while remaining open and willing to listen to the opposing party. The mediator presents these views in non-combative forms while ensuring that each party is able to express themselves without being interrupted by the other.

The identification of underlying issues

Understanding that every dispute has a unique history attached, the mediator in charge helps each party identify the underlying issues that foster and promote the problematic conflicts. Instead of exacerbating the existing problems, a mediator will work to develop and encourage common goals between the parties.


Each party will then be encouraged to think creatively to generate ideas that work for both.

The process of resolution

Supporting each party in fully assessing the outcome, where each party’s goals are fully considered, the mediator is tasked with presenting mutually-beneficial agreements that reflect the common interests of those involved. These agreements are written out and presented to both parties to be agreed upon with a personal signature.

Because the individual parties control the outcome, rather than the courts, mediation is often concluded in much shorter time periods than court proceedings. They also generate more mutually-beneficial results with both parties believing that they’ve been heard and have achieved their own goals and expectations. Saving each party thousands of dollars in court costs alone, mediation is a cost-efficient alternative to lawsuits. Furthermore, mediation allows each party to rebuild trust between those who depend on future relationships, such as divorced parents of minor children.

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