1. Should I Choose Mediation or Litigation for Child Support?

    Whatever the reason you and your co-parent are not living together anymore, you want to make sure that your child receives the financial support they need. While it is likely that both parents believe that each party needs to contribute to a child’s upbringing, the amount of child support contribu…Read More

  2. FAQs about Mediation

    When you are looking for an impartial party to help you navigate through a dispute without taking it to court, mediation is a powerful tool that you should seek. With a professional mediator, there is a significantly greater chance that your civil, family, or business conflict will be resolved in a …Read More

  3. Essential Qualities of a Good Mediator

    At Linked! Center, we are dedicated to hiring only the best mediators in the greater Denver metro area. Those who elect to become mediators have certain personality traits that inherently draw them to this type of position, but there are particular qualities that will make a mediator more successful…Read More

  4. Benefits Of Mediation Services In Divorce

    Could You Benefit From Divorce Mediation?   While divorce is something that most people never want to have to experience, all too often people have to deal with this part of modern day life. Traditionally, divorces are not a fun thing for people to go through. Heightened emotions, hurt feelings…Read More

  5. History of Mediation Pt. 2

    Mediation is Gaining in Popularity   Hello, and welcome to part two of our blog series on the history of alternative dispute resolution and mediation. Here at Linked Center & Mediation, we want everyone to understand the benefits of mediation and the role that it can play in dispute resolut…Read More

  6. History of Mediation

    Mediation is Not a New Concept   Here at Linked Center & Mediation, we feel that alternative dispute resolution is an effective means for parties to come to an agreement. While litigation is always an option, oftentimes people find that buy simply sitting down, listening to one another, and…Read More

  7. Business Partnerships And Mediation

    Mediation can Play a Pivotal Role in the World of Business   Here at Linked Center and Mediation, we want to spread the positive benefits associated with mediation services as much as possible. We strongly believe that mediation can, in most cases, accomplish things that traditional litigation …Read More