Mediation provides parents the opportunity to work together and create a parenting plan that honors each parent’s contribution to their children’s upbringing.  The mediator, a neutral third party, will help establish a parenting plan that enables both parents to be actively involved in the children’s lives. The alternative of filing motions and taking the other parent to court suing for custody of your children, creates even more dissension and conflict which is very difficult for the children.

In some high conflict cases, expert assistance is needed. Linked Mediation has a list of family evaluators that may be needed to assist in the process of creating a plan in your children’s best interest.

Your mediator will direct the process by asking you to:

  • Fill out a Parenting Plan Worksheet and review the co-parent’s ideas to create a definitive plan. The parenting plans may need to be reevaluated as events change with the children.
  • Use child-focused discussions with your co-parent to help with agreements.
  • Attend a co-parenting course to prepare for the new challenges.
  • Attend individual or family counseling if deemed necessary.
  • Review current understanding of “best models” for parenting plans.
  • Define strategies for effective parenting post divorce.