The divorce process can be challenging for all parties involved. Mediators assist in the process whether the relationship is collaborative or contentious. Early mediation, as opposed to waiting to go to court-ordered mediation or settlement conference, helps avoid costly divorce litigation. This process encourages two parties to openly discuss their options with a professional mediator present. The mediator’s role is to provide structure and guidance and to assist the parties in moving forward when the issues become difficult.

A mediator can serve a variety of roles including:

  • Providing a checklist or flowchart that helps manage the divorce process. The mediator will assist with reviewing the required pertinent information such as value of properties, providing financial data, and managing the court ordered paperwork and forms.
  • Linked Mediation will provide you with a “home software” package that will allow you to “work from home” saving time and money.
  • Create an agenda for the meetings so that the process can stay on track and within certain time limits.
  • Guiding very difficult discussions identifying what each party hopes to accomplish in the divorce.
  • Discussing future goals and how to proceed post-divorce – both parties should be able to move forward in their lives, especially when kids or business interests are involved.