AARP states that 40 percent of adult caregivers report having serious conflict with their siblings when navigating the difficult decisions/life changes that come along with managing aging parents. These conversations can be much easier and more productive with the help of an Elder and Adult Family Mediator. The discussion about living arrangements actually arrangements may really be a discussion about safety, finances, meal preparation, transportation, and future health needs.  

At Linked Mediation, our skilled mediators help guide your family as you work together to develop a plan for issues such as inheritance and estate planning, balancing the safety and independence of the elder parent (example: when to give up the car keys), and making important decisions on living arrangements and daily care needs.

Elder Mediation also gives a voice back to the older parent, allowing the family to hear the wishes of the older adult. The mediator encourages siblings to work together to find the best solution for all involved and helps focus the family toward solutions that will keep the family unit intact.  Family members remain in control during the process; the mediator does not take any actions or make decisions on behalf of the parties. The mediator simply listens to all sides and encourages participants to remain focused on the issues at hand.

The result is an agreement that is tailored to the family’s unique situation. The family avoids time-consuming and expensive legal battles, and ultimately, experiences a more collaborative approach to future decision-making.  Mediators who specialize in elder issues are ideal for helping families solve their disputes and preserve these important family ties.