Prenuptial agreements are the LAST thing you want to think about when you are planning a wedding. Our Linked Mediation premarital agreement is different. This agreement may actually help establish the framework for problem solving that will form a solid and secure basis for your future marriage. Working on this agreement with your future spouse encourages you to communicate about topics that are not easy to discuss. Our process is not about creating a document that defines how to divide your marital property in the case of a potential divorce, rather, we help you establish talking points about your finances.

Completing a premarital agreement through mediation is a great way for couples to take ownership of their relationship right from the start and demonstrate a willingness to respectfully communicate through issues face-to-face.

Premarital topics include:

  • Money – “Yours, Mine, and Ours”
  • Budget – Are you a Spender or a Saver?
  • Bank Accounts – Joint for Household or Individual Accounts
  • Debt – “Yours, Mine, and Ours”
  • Children and Parenting Philosophy
  • Relationship Goals and Personal Habits
  • Conflict and Communication